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What Is Fatigue?

It is a bizarre feeling of tiredness, lack of energy, and motivation. It can be a normal response to physical and mental activities, boredom, lack of sleep, emotional stress, etc. But sometimes some physical and mental health issues may also cause tiredness. You feel excessive and persistent exhaustion which is the same as you think due to lack of sleep. Moreover, when you wake up, you feel drained and exhausted. Fatigue affects your mood, and mental and physical health and interferes with your routine activities. Although it is a common complaint of people related to health issues. But UK sleeping tablets can help you manage this issue and make you feel refreshed.

Normally, it becomes better when you rest. But when don’t feel better even after rest, you should consult the doctor. Because some health conditions may also cause fatigue. Although it does not seem serious. But it can have very harmful effects on your health. So, it is better to manage excessive tiredness on time with different methods.

It is always better to know as much as you can about the issue you are suffering from. Because this will help you understand the issue better and find suitable treatment methods. In this article, we will provide you with the most updated information about fatigue.

What Are the Common Causes of Fatigue?

At first, you should know Fatigue is not a disease, it is a symptom of some medical conditions. The list of causes of this issue is quite long including many health issues, lifestyle habits, etc. Let’s discuss some of the potential causes of this issue:

Physical health issuesMental health issues
Diseases like diabetes, COPD, thyroid, liver or kidney disorders, heart diseasesInfections and AnemiaParkinson’s disease and fibromyalgia Deficiency of vitamin D, Vitamin B12 AnxietyDepressionGriefSleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome
Lifestyle habits
Abnormal sleep habits like not getting adequate sleep or sleeping too muchExcessive alcohol and caffeine consumptionSubstance useAn unhealthy diet or eating food items that provide an instant energy boost. High carbs, sugary food items, or drinks give an instant energy boost that wears off faster. It causes crash fatigue. Lack of exercise or physical activity
Work-related issues
Poor workplace habits and many other work-related issues may cause this issue. Some workplace practices that make you feel tired are: Irregular and long working hoursPhysical laborLoud noises at the workplaceExcessive workloadWorkplace bullyingConflicts with people in office

Besides these reasons, in some people allergies and hay fever may also cause this issue. In women, pregnancy may also cause fatigue.

What Are Types of Fatigue?

Depending on the causes, it is mainly of three types including:

Physiologic: Too much exercise or physical activity, irregular sleep, and unhealthy lifestyle habits cause it. Making healthy lifestyle habits can improve this issue.

Secondary fatigue: Underlying health condition is the main cause of this type. It may last from 1 to 6 months and you will feel better once the health condition is treated. 

Chronic fatigue: Feeling tired for more than six months consistently is not normal. It doesn’t get better even after taking rest or sleeping well. It becomes worse and causes chronic fatigue syndrome.

Symptoms of fatigue

Although it is a symptom of several health conditions. But it also can have many physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Here are some of the most common symptoms of fatigue:

  • lack of energy and weakness
  • continuous tiredness and exhaustion
  • lack of motivation
  • difficulty in focusing or concentrating
  • headache and dizziness
  • sore muscles and muscle weakness
  • changes in mood, appetite
  • impaired cognitive functions and memory
  • weak immune system

All these symptoms may become worse if you don’t manage the excessive tiredness. People generally don’t pay attention to this issue as they are unaware of the impacts of it. Before it becomes a serious issue causing several health issues and interfering with your daily activities. It is very important to address this issue and manage it to live a quality life.

What Are the Medications and Treatments for Fatigue?

What Are the Medications and Treatments for Fatigue?

Before treatment, it is important to diagnose the issue and its causes. Because this will help the doctor find the best treatment methods. As it has numerous causes and symptoms, the diagnosis becomes a little difficult. Therefore, the doctor will conduct several tests to find what is causing this to you.

Medical History: Your doctor will discuss recent stressful events or previous health issues. If you have some family issues causing stress may also cause this issue.

Physical Examination: During this exam, the doctor will examine if there are symptoms or signs of any disease. Along with that, the doctor may also discuss your lifestyle habits, dietary habits, and daily routine.

Medical Tests: The doctor may also conduct blood tests, urine tests, X-rays, and other imaging tests.

Treatment methods for fatigue

What treatment to opt for depends on the causes of any health issue. In most cases, the doctor suggests making lifestyle changes, and stress management. If it is because of some health issues then, treatment of that health issue will make it better.

Sleep well, get adequate sleep, and get proper rest. Sleeping and waking up at the same time daily will improve the sleep quality. Maintain sleep hygiene and follow a regular sleep pattern. UK sleeping tablets can improve sleep quality and help you sleep well.

Avoid eating heavy meals and unhealthy food at night. This will disturb your sleep-wake cycle. Moreover, diet plays a crucial role in maintaining the energy levels of the body.

Practice regular exercise for better sleep along with physical and mental health. Moreover, practice relaxation methods like yoga, meditation, and deep breathing for stress management. Along with that, buy pregabalin UK to deal with exercise tiredness and exhaustion. You will notice significant improvement while practicing these methods.


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