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What are the Causes of Anxiety?

Everyone gets anxious or stressed over time in their life and it is very normal. But if you constantly feel worried, tense, or nervous, you may have anxiety issues. Anxiety is more than temporary normal stress and fear. You get over the stress once the cause of the stress is over. But anxiety becomes worse over time and leaves very negative impacts on your overall health and well-being. So, the management of anxiety is very important to live a quality life. Knowing the symptoms and causes of anxiety will help you choose a suitable treatment option.

Anxiety if not treated on time, results in anxiety disorders that need immediate medical attention. Symptoms of anxiety include:

1.  trouble concentrating

2.  feeling tense, worried, or dread

3.  nausea and abdominal discomfort

4.  pounding heart with irregular heartbeat

5.  shaking, trembling, and sweating

6.  difficulty falling asleep or getting quality sleep

7.  sense of impending danger or something bad is about to happen

Anxiety or anxiety disorders are not something that you can ignore or take lightly. Anxiety not only affects your health; it affects the quality of life and makes you feel miserable. So, it is very important to address anxiety and treat it on time.

But you must have heard an old saying that “everything happens for a reason.” There must be some reasons that can cause anxiety which are very important to know for better management.

Introduction to the root causes of anxiety?

Understanding where your anxiety coming from helps you a lot in finding the right treatment methods. Sometimes you know what is bothering you and sometimes you have to find out. One of the main triggers for anxiety is stress which you can experience because of several reasons. Although a wide range of causes are there to trigger anxiety. But here are some factors that increase the feeling of anxiety:

1.  stress

2. genetic factors

3.  personality type or brain structure

4.  Past trauma

5.  medical conditions

5.  medications

6.  life events and lifestyle causes

7.  Bad habits like alcoholism, smoking, and substance use

This article will give you detailed information about different causes of anxiety and how they affect you. You will also get to know different methods to manage anxiety.

medical conditions can be the causes of anxiety?

How stress and medical conditions can be the causes of anxiety?

Sustained stress and medical conditions make you feel uncomfortable physically, mentally, and emotionally as well. Multiple reasons are there to cause stress which turns into anxiety if remains untreated for long. Family problems, relationship issues, health issues, financial issues, and various lifestyle habits can cause stress.

Anything that happens in your personal life has a direct effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health. You feel difficulty in focusing on work, and sleeping well due to tension. If you do not perform well at the workplace, it will affect your productivity and growth. If this happens regularly, you may lose your job leading to financial problems. This will also cause stress and may lead to anxiety.

If you have any health issues or underlying medical conditions, it may also cause stress and anxiety. However, making some lifestyle changes and getting proper treatment will treat the health issues. As soon as the health becomes better, anxiety will also be better.

Alcohol consumption and substance use: causes of anxiety

According to studies, lifestyle habits play a crucial role in maintaining your mental health. Bad habits like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and substance use are the potential causes of anxiety.     Alcohol and anxiety share a very strong connection. People consuming excessive alcohol or abusing drugs have higher risks of getting panic attacks.

People often think that alcohol or the use of recreational drugs helps them deal with anxiety but it is not true. You may feel that they are helping you but after some time you become more sensitive and prone to anxiety. Alcohol, drugs, or anxiety no matter which comes first, all are linked to each other. If you become successful in managing any of them, the remaining ones will also improve.

Some not-so-common causes of anxiety

Stress, health issues, work issues, alcohol, and substance use all are well-known reasons for causing anxiety. Almost everyone out there is aware of these causes of anxiety. But there are some other reasons also that people don’t know or don’t consider.

Genetic factors: If your family has a history of being anxious then, chances are there that you may also have those genes. You have no control over stress because it is in your genes that you become stressed and anxious super soon.

Brain structure or personality type: Some people have such personality that every little thing bothers them. They have a very sensitive brain which causes overthinking on every little thing. This is also a reason for causing stress in some people.

The Bottom Line

Now, that you know everything about the causes of anxiety, you can easily choose a suitable treatment method. You can use a combination of methods including lifestyle hacks, relaxation techniques, and medications as well. Anxiety medications like xanax, diazepam, lorazepam, and clonazepam work great for anxiety. You can buy anxiety medications from several online pharmacies in the UK. For further information, visit our website

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