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Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Teenagers

Stress and anxiety are a common part of everyone’s life and you can’t get rid of it fully. Anxiety is good when it is under control and short-term. However, long-term anxiety becomes chronic and difficult to live with. Chronic anxiety has very harmful effects on your life especially if you don’t treat it on time. Anxiety becomes a disorder when you experience continuous bouts of anxiety.

Anxiety affects people of every age and gender. Nowadays, anxiety disorder in teenagers is growing rapidly. Several reasons can cause anxiety and affect their life. Some studies show that covid has played a major role in affecting teenager’s mental health. Lockdowns have made teenagers avoid going out, meeting their friends, and doing activities they love to do. Not only this, the lockdown has affected their education and careers as well. All these things are the major contributors to anxiety in teenagers.

Even though things have become normal, the anxiety in teenagers didn’t go anywhere. Due to this long-term anxiety and untreated anxiety, most of the teenagers are suffering from anxiety disorders. The most common disorder among teenagers is generalized anxiety disorder.

What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder in teenagers?

It is a mental condition in which teenagers worry or fear about everyday things. Teenagers constantly worry about their studies, jobs, careers, family, friends, etc. It is normal to get worried about all these things. But in the case of this disorder, teenagers experience intense and excessive fear and worry.

According to some studies, teenagers or people with GAD have several other mental conditions as well like:

  • panic disorders
  • major depression
  • specific phobias
  • social anxiety disorder (SAD)

Teenagers are most prone to generalized anxiety disorder. Because their life is going through so many changes at that time. And they find it very difficult to handle all those changes and situations.

Symptoms of GAD in teenagers

Whenever any teenager suffers from anxiety, he/she experiences specific behavioral, physical, and psychological changes. If you notice those symptoms in the teenagers around you, there is a chance they may be suffering from GAD.

Behavioral symptoms

  • being extremely self-conscious and sensitive to every situation
  • trying to avoid people, places, and situations in the fear of anxiety
  • excessive worry and tension affect sleep which in turn increases anxiety
  • unusual behaviors like nail biting, hair pulling, or skin picking

Physical and psychological symptoms

  • a racing heart with an irregular heartbeat
  • feeling dizzy, shaking, and trembling
  • sweating, chills, and hot flushes
  • shallow breathing
  • having aches in the head, neck, back, and even chest pain
  • trouble focusing
  • always being worried that something bad is going to happen
  • feeling irritated and frustrated

How do you cope with generalized anxiety disorder in teenagers?

Teenagers are the ones who are most affected by anxiety disorders. It badly affects their overall life and spoils everything. But nothing to worry about because you can treat this disorder and live a normal healthy life. To find a suitable treatment method, consult a health professional. Some of the best treatment methods for anxiety disorders are:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This is the best treatment method for anxiety especially in teenagers. And the best part is this method doesn’t have any side effects. This can be done both offline and online. This method changes your way of thinking and processing in stressful situations. It makes you less sensitive to anxiety and stress.

Follow healthy eating habits and watch what you are eating or drinking. Avoid smoking, and consuming alcohol and caffeinated drinks or products.

Keep yourself physically active, it will keep you mentally active. Practice regular exercise and physical activity. This leads to the secretion of endorphin, a chemical that boosts your mood and relieves anxiety.

Practice stress management techniques like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, breathing exercises, etc. All these activities will distract your mind from negative thoughts and help you deal with the stress.

All these methods are great for dealing with anxiety disorder in teenagers. Regular practice of these methods can help you a lot to cope with anxiety. However, people take anxiety medications to deal with anxiety and related disorders.

Although teenagers can take anxiety medications to treat anxiety disorders. However they should consult with the doctor before taking any medicine. Along with that, they should be extra careful while taking diazepam for sale in uk. Always take the medications according to the doctor’s prescription. Because a little carelessness can lead to severe and even life-threatening side effects.


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